Every dream starts with an idea; every idea begins with the thoughts of a dreamer. At Conkrite Capital we invest in the present to create a better future. We are in the business of increasing life; we are building synergy. We believe that we can change the world and we prove it in every transaction we make, making sure each transaction is one of increase to all.

Conkrite comprehensive facilities management services include; plumbing, electrical, energy management, mechanical, construction, landscape and turf, and parking lot management as one solution to efficiency. We offer solutions that increase productivity and reduce operational cost for clients in hotels, cruise lines, residential and commercial real estate.

We recognize the importance of our people and we invest to develop the skills that make us strong. We invest in our customers by delivering premium service at a competitive cost and by committing ourselves to quality in everything that we do.

Conkrite Capital is headquartered in Toronto, and we invest in growing economies in electricity generation, infrastructure, transportation, real estate development, green technologies and farming.

Our investors care. A Conkrite investor is one that, more than profit, seeks for the regeneration of the world and a better future for humanity.  Our promise to investors is very simple; we only invest in projects that have a goal of increase for the people and the planet.