Condominium Operations

Conkrite works with you to create a balanced approach that includes the building, it’s components, and the most important asset, the people who live in it. Our dedicated staff will ensure your people is safe and cared for, for us at Conkrite, it is all about people.

Facilities Services

Our facilities operation services are designed to increase efficiency and performance. Today’s economic climate makes it hard to effectively manage the Building Operations. Conkrite combines technology, experience and great care to produce a customized, integrated, facility operations program that deliver results.

Asset Management

The digital, technological and mechanical component of your operational process needs to be properly inspected and maintained to avoid downtime and emergency calls. Physical components not properly monitored affects both, return on investment and profitability.

Disaster Management

Today, more than ever, you need a team of experienced and organized professionals that will help you when you need it most. Disasters can be chaotic and traumatizing, especially if you don’t know what to do when they happen. Conkrite will be your side with our OAEM certified staff.

Household Services

We approach our Private Estate and Household services very similar to our Building and Cruise services. We will conduct detailed assessments of the current conditions and develop a staff plan for all aspects of the household.

Hotel Operations

We have over 15 years of experience working with hotel facilities. Our experience includes; Hotels, Resorts, Cruise Lines and Convention Centres both domestic and international. When it comes to hotel operations we know what keeps guests coming back.